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United mineral is the main source of minerals in the region working from last 16 years having expertise in extraction, processing and trading of talc minerals. UMTC is an independent company operating in trading, wholesale and supply of natural mines and talc at a European level, with a special focus on the Turkish and Italian market after several years of profitable collaboration, United Minerals can leverage both on the well-known experience and the competitive position and its business activities are focused on trading and supply of talc minerals and powder in all major European markets.

The Company has a deep knowledge of structured products and services. The nature as an independent company gives us the freedom to move with flexibility, ensuring a 24/7 support system to our counterparties, with the objective of providing only the best of solutions. The “operations & logistics” team guarantees the precise operational execution of each deal, thanks to its competences and the strength of several transportation and storage arrangements in Afghanistan and turkey. The “operations & logistics” team coordinates with the “sales & origination” team in order to facilitate, development for the special needs of each customer services in Europe’s main talc stones and powder markets.

We represent world-class companies in the region. Our Strong mix of business-to-business relationships around the MENA region, and a network of associations with major International Trades and Manufacturing organizations make us a very unique company. As a general trading and contracting company, we are pleased to provide a broad range of services, expanding them as needed to suit customers’ particular needs. Our resourcefulness and vast network of suppliers, backed with our extensive experience has rendered us key players in our client’s operations, we are committed to meet our client’s objectives by securing an edge over the industry quality standards in a cost-effective and timely manner. We continuously strive to achieve long-term sustainability and high credentials by exceeding our clients and employee’s expectations. We wish to achieve a rewarding environment for our people and financial prosperity through our relentless perseverance and proper management. Our vision is to become a world class organization with excellence in everything we do. This will be achieved through strong financial results and continuous investment in our people and infrastructure to enhance our customer satisfaction and best in class business process. United Mineral trading is committed to provide the most comprehensive services with an unsurpassed level of integrity and skill for our valued clients. Our consistent attention to the key deliverables of client satisfaction, timeliness, accuracy and a clear perspective of nurturing long term relationships have ensured that we have satisfied clients throughout our projects.

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